Let’s play!

I’m here to support solopreneurs, self-employed folk and freelanceres to make your worklife feel so much more like play!

By working with me, you’ll…

  • … get super clear about what you want in your career and life
  • …design a worklife that’s full of ease, flow, rest, and feels like play
  • …craft unapologetic, fierce boundaries that will smash past perfectionism, fear of failure and imposter syndrome for good

Are you ready to light up your work life so every day feels like play? Come talk to me on a free, no-obligation call and we’ll find you more play, pronto!

How to work/play with me

I do a lot of things! As a Generator in Human Design, I let joy lead the way in what I do and offer – so that menu of offerings is always evolving and updating. Mainly, I write, coach, and develop and lead PhD workshops.

But I’m also a PhD graduate with extensive research experience; Zoom producer for online trainings; editor and proofreader (former journalist); tarot reader; webinar creator; public speaking trainer; community builder; and fledgling entrepreneur.

Below, you’ll find more information on my three main offerings now but if there are other ways you’d like to work with me, please drop me an email – let’s play!

Hey! I’m Jamie, your work/play coach

I’m all about making every one of our work day feel like play! I’ve done the whole gambit of extreme overwork, of chasing the prestigious jobs and big titles – and I am so done with that life!

Today, I’m saying “fuck it” to all the shoulds, obligations, and big bad socio-cultural ideals, and designing my work and life exactly the way I want it.

As your work/play coach, I’m here to help you find so much more peace around chewy, tough, sticking points like….

  • Overcoming perfectionist tendencies
  • People pleasing
  • Meeting other people’s expectations
  • Feeling not-good-enough

…so that you too can start curating your own best work/life and making every single day feel playful, joyful and deeply pleasurable.

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