13 things you need to know about doing a PhD

Discover 13 key things that you aren't normally told about #PhDLife, and start improving your research experience.

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Your university probably already runs lots of trainings around 'how to do the PhD'.

What is less commonly talked about is the messy, emotional 'in-betweens' of doing research.

Things like:
- overwhelm & exhaustion
- imposter syndrome
- what to do when things go wrong

I've got you. Download this free guide now for 13 insider tips to manage your PhD journey with so much more ease and flow - so you can really start to enjoy your work and produce excellent research.

This new version also has 3 NEW but never-seen-before tips that will make a HUGE difference to your PhD journey.

Here's what you'll get with the guide:

* the trick to maintaining motivation

* a 3-step guide for dealing with PhD guilt

* a checklist to keep you focused and on track with your research goals

* suggestions for how to joy-up your PhD experience

* reflection prompts & affirmations to create your best working life

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13 things you need to know about doing a PhD

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