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“I think your approach might be a little too blunt”

I’ve had a week!

First, I was approached to deliver some training at a university. They asked for my availability, I gave it.

Then, they emailed again to say they’d been on my website and socials, and while they found it “really interesting” (weird diplomatic British code for “I don’t like this at all”), said:

“I think I might have a problem with some of the language being used.”

They went on to suggest that I wouldn’t be a “good fit with the University ethos, standards”, that I’m not “culturally acceptable” and that my “approach might be a little too blunt”.


I know my stuff.

And I know I deliver some pretty solid research training. I’ve received some pretty good feedback from both PhD researchers and other established trainers.

I also care a fuck ton about the people I train and want to help them with the very same mad enthusiasm of a Love Islander receiving a text.

I’m wildly passionate about helping people to

★ Fall in love with their work (and do it brilliantly)

★ Live whole, balanced, supported lives

★ Call out bullshit

★ Drop what doesn’t serve them

★ Establish healthy, strong, feel-good boundaries

★ Stand in their freaking power

★ Meet problems and messiness with fierceness and self-belief

★ And have a fucking awesome time doing it all.

BUT I also have a potty mouth.

I mean, that shouldn’t – and doesn’t – say anything about the actual quality of training I can deliver. But that university decided they couldn’t see past the swearyness.

Having said all that, I’m not telling you this story to moan.

I’m fuckin’ celebrating it.

As I read that email, I knew in my bones, that this is no longer the kind of person/group I want to work with.

In receiving what seemed like a slap in the face, I got massive clarity on what I actually have to offer, what I want to do, and who I want to serve.

I got super clear and proud of my abilities and strengths.

I chose to see this not as a rejection of me or a giant screw-up – as I would have 110% done just last year.

I chose to see it as a smallness on their part, an outdated ‘ethos’ and their goddamn motherfucking LOSS.

I invite you to do the same.

* Whatever you’re up against, what part of you can you call up to rise above and beyond the stuck limitations of other people’s bullshit, expectations, conventions or ‘rules’?
* How can you see an obstacle or problem as a detour away from things that aren’t right for you towards things that are going to serve better and bring you so much more?​ 
* How can you regard challenges not as bad things happening TO you, but as opportunities happening FOR you? (as the very excellent spiritual biz coach Taylor Rae often says)

These are people who know my work, including all the f- and s-bombs I drop. And they (still) want to work with me not in spite of it but because of it.

Own your goodness, folks. YOU HAVE IT. So damn much of it.

And if some people can’t see that, it’s not you. It’s abso-fucking-lutely them.

PS: If you’re up against someone as ridiculous as the university who thought I was too much for them, and could do with an extra nudge to leap into your own brilliance, book a free 30-min clarity session with me and let’s get you 100% owning it!

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