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You’re bigger than your worst-case scenario

There’s nothing messier and more thrashingly uncomfortable than a worst case scenario, amirite?

And how we LOVE to daydream about all the things that could go wrong. And not just any old thing, but the very worst possible thing.

Of course, there’s some wisdom in that old adage to prepare for the worst but hope for the best – but it seems like most of us remember only the first half of that sentence:

Prepare for the worst.

And the worst could be this


Or even worse, THIS!

What inevitably happens is that each scenario sprouts several new heads and before we know it, we’re concocting 108 of the worst possible things to ensure that we’ve got it covered in all eventualities.

{Perhaps we also start anticipating the worst case scenarios in other parts of our lives: “Well if this happens with scenario A, that would have a knock on effect on what happens with situation B, and if that doesn’t go well, then I’ll have to deal with issue C” and on and on it goes.}

Sound familiar?

But here’s the thing – you’re never going to perfectly know all the eventualities, are you?

It’s good to be prepared for some of the things, sure. But there are still curve balls, and shit hitting fans, and things blowing up in your face because

life (and his best mate, karma) is a messy, unpredictable, volatile arsehole.

So whatcha gonna do? Sit there forever in your pit of worst-case awfulness?

(And is that working out for you? Have you been able to anticipate and solve-ahead every single surprise that’s come your way?)

Here’s what I’d like to suggest and offer today:

We’ve been going about this ‘worst case scenario’ gubbins all wrong. (And I say this as someone who has lived most her life as the Empress Harbinger of Doom – my whole life has been a ‘but what if the sky falls down?’ vibe).

Instead of focusing all our energy and putting all our boss planning skillzzz into anticipating the worst, how about this:

Focus all our energy and putting all our massive power into remembering our more-than-enough capabilities, inner resource and strength to deal with whatever the fuck comes along, when it comes along (IF it ever even does).

In all our worst-case-scenarios, why are we defaulting to the assumption that we’re gonna suck, fall flat on our faces and flounder about helplessly in quicksand?

Why is it that in all the scenarios that we’re conjuring up in our heads, we’ve missed the biggest and best one:

the one where we DON’T suck? Where we boss it, ball up our fists by our hips, puff out our chests and say, “Get innnnnn, motherfucker, let’s do this!”

And okay, let’s say you find out that actually, don’t ‘got this’ 100%. Then, how about trusting that you are at least able enough to ask for help, to draw on the support, help and advice of people around you who would love to help you?

Next time you’re spinning out on that imaginary scenario of setting your house on fire / being told you’re “nothing but a failure” (happened to me) / waking up to find your boyfriend has left you and the country forever without so much as a text message (also happened to me) remember this:

You are bigger than the worst case scenario

And you have it in you to deal with it – or at least to reach for the help to start dealing with it.

Try that on for size. If you don’t like it, you’re very welcome to go back to daydreaming about gremlins.

You’ve got this, I know you do*.

(* And if you need a reminder, or some new funky-fresh perspectives for dreaming up much better scenarios, I’m here with a mug of tea and a listening ear. Book in a 30-min dream sesh with me )

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