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A handful of weekend “permission slips”

However this week has played out for you, let it go – with celebration or firm, kind, ‘say no’ boundaries – for just a few days and press that reset button.

And if you’re in need of an extra “permission slip” as you slide into an easy Saturday, here it is:

(ps: I know you don’t actually need ‘permission’ from me – or anyone – and you are the only person whose approval and agreement you need. So this is perhaps more a reminder…)

?You’re allowed to want your PhD experience to be supported + enjoyable

?You’re allowed to want a good work-life balance and rest

?You’re allowed to want and ask for support and help

?You’re allowed to want to feel good about your PhD and PhD life

?You’re allowed to NOT want to accept abuse/struggle + to ask for support to find a better way

?You’re allowed to want things to feel easy, creative and in flow

?You’re allowed to disagree with and not want to accept the normalisation and glorification of suffering in research

?You’re allowed to have other interests and loves and commitments

?You’re allowed to want to be treated with kindness by your supervisor, department and colleagues

?You’re allowed to want and have a PhD/research experience that looks completely different than anyone else’s as long as it works for you

?You’re allowed to prioritise your health, wellbeing, loved ones and your penchant for naps over productivity

?You’re allowed to want personal growth & development alongside your research

?You’re allowed to feel down sometimes

?You’re allowed to not know everything and get the help you need to figure it out

?You’re allowed to be and feel like a messy human being, doing messy research and still be valued for it

You are allowed.

You don’t have to feel that you have to accept things that aren’t aligned with your goals or values or aspirations just because “that’s the way things are”.

(You’re allowed to not want to accept things being the way they are)

And finally, you’re allowed to curate your PhD experience the way you want/need it to be, to be your best (research) self to do your best (research) work.

{If you haven’t already got it, my new free guide offers plenty of tips for shaping your PhD life the way you want it. Download it right here: 10 things you need to know about doing a PhD}

That’s it folks – have a super weekend. Do something silly, or wild, or do nothing at all.

Sending you as much love as there are books and journal articles we have saved to read but probably never will… (and that’s okay, we really can’t/don’t need to read everything) haha!

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