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You don’t need to know the whole perfect plan

Today I’m coming at you with a blurb about ‘perfect plans’.

So if you’re anything like me (and I’m guessing some of you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog), you probably love overthinking and overplanning.

You would feel your best if you knew precisely how any given plan will go, from step #1 all the way to step #398 (and also, the 150 other possibles scenarios in case things go wrong).

And so, because it’s never actually possible to plan something that perfectly all the way ahead, you’re probably also constantly in a state of near-anxiety because you don’t know how the plan is going to go.

I have been like this my whole life – from something as big as a 4-year PhD reserach project to something as ‘small’ as planning my shopping route to buy exactly all the right items from the right supermarkets.


(Or, I mean, maybe my overactive brain is bored and likes to create its own drama)

So here’s where I am right now – I’m building out my coaching business, right? And I’ve never done this before.

It have no flipping idea what I’m doing.

I am literally lying awake at night praying to the angels, late ancestors, all the celestial beings sitting on lotuses or dancing in fire to help me figure this shit out, show me a plan, tell me how to ‘get there’.

I fret to anyone who will listen.

And literally every of my friends who have been doing this for awhile and are wildly successful at what they’re doing have told me the same thing:

You don’t need to know 398 steps ahead. You just need to know the next step.

And sure, sometimes it helps to know a few more steps ahead so you can plan backwards. But you don’t need to have the whole perfect plan ready, dusted, shined in order for you to take that first next step.

If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting there waiting for a bolt of clarity to hit you when you’ll have it all figured out. And because that will never happen, you’re sitting there for a flipping long time, amirite?

Things like clarity, motivation, inspiration, a plough to remove writers’ block don’t ever come flying in on a wing and a prayer.

They come by us taking one teeny tiny bit of action.

➜ Which leads to the next bit of action

➜ Which leads to the next step

➜ Which helps you see what you need to do next

➜ Which gives you a better view of what happens after that

➜ Which eventually leads to more and more clarity, and motivation and all that good stuff.

But it allllll starts with just that first tiny step – no matter how small.

Action begets motivation begets more action begets more clarity etc

Not the other way around.

So here’s what I’m doing: I’m trying to revive my workout + lifting routine after however-many-years of recurring knee issues and pain. Been waiting foreverrrr to feel ‘strong enough’ to go back to the gym, so now I’m going to (re)start with just walking on the treadmill. Real slow, real steady but one step ahead from waiting for perfect conditions.

Let me know what one tiny step are you going to take next towards those big and little things!

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