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Why I keep telling you to do nothing

It occurred to me recently that almost all my posts are encouragements to do less


go slower

have more naps.

And I thought there might be some of you out there who are wondering why the heck I’m always trying to get you further and further away from what we’ve been told to do our whole lives:

You know the usual hype –

be more productive

work harder

put yourself out there more

make more and better and more detailed plans


If you’re following me and reading this blog, I’m willing to wager that you probably have zero problem with doing all that.

You’re already a pretty fuckin’ productive, successful, hardworking human being.

The ‘problem’ is not you needing incentive and encouragement to do more.

It’s to take your foot off the pedal for a hot damn minute and relax.

And here’s the cruncher: it’s to rest GUILT FREE

It’s shifting our thinking of rest as something bad, or negative, or a deficit

It’s transforming that definition of rest and ‘doing nothing’ as actually…. something.

And a pretty great something, at that.

Please trust me when I say that I’ve done the whole gambit of overwork. I’ve travelled down the extreme edge of working 16-hour days, with no days off for months and months on end.

Following that horrid trauma, I’ve made it a life goal to always, always have enough rest, to feel like I have enough energy and to honour what my body needs – whether that’s an extra hour in bed, a nap, or a full week off.

And from both extremes – from Doing All The Things All The Time to Sometimes Doing Nothing At All – let me assure you that the latter is always, ALWAYS ultimately more productive, fulfilling and successful.

My exhortations to you to do less, rest, go slower, have naps is definitively not about laziness or wilful irresponsibility.

It’s about finding a whole new richness in the rest…

…and discovering another way of working and being in the world where you can achieve so much more while doing so much less.

Sound impossible? Counterintuitive? Paradoxical?

I promise it works though (as it has for me).

And this is exactly what I’m trying to share with you too (through my coaching, blogs, social media, everyday conversations)

If you’d like a taster of this kinda 24/7-chilled, groovy life for yourself, jump onto a free mini clarity call with me and I’ll help you find at least ONE THING you can let go of now, so you can open up more time and space for rest… guilt free.

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