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Fuck productivity

…and find fullness instead

We’re all falling over ourselves trying to be more ‘productive’

And sure, it feels good to get shit done, but also, how fucking exhausting is this productivity malarky?

Productivity and efficiency are hugely neoliberal, capitalist concepts that directly or indirectly determine our value as human beings by how much we’re able to produce and contribute to the material growth of our societies …

…often at the expense of our individual wellness and health, or the collective, collaborative wellbeing of our community

So, I propose replacing a perpetual striving for PRODUCTIVITY with a nourishing, fulfilling sense of FULLNESS

… where feeling fullness =

feeling satisfied



at ease

and accomplished

by our own definitions of satisfaction, joy, ease & accomplishment

Then, you’re acting from a place that’s aligned with the practices, routines and rituals that are best aligned with you.

You’re moving from a place that best inspires and motivates you

You’re responding from a place of ease, not pressure.

And I promise you – without even trying or thinking about it, the side benefit is that you will be productive anyway. Perhaps more than ever.

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