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Fuck ‘showing up’

…and just be totally okay with where you already are

We hear this A LOT, right?

“You’ve got to show up to get results” “Show up for yourself” “How are you showing up for others?”

And yeah, it can be motivating, a rousing call to action. But it can also add a shitload more pressure, anxiety + expectation, on top of all the things we feel we must hit (e.g. productivity! confidence! success!)

(Also, the imperative to ‘just show up’ also dumps the entire responsibility for success & connection on the individual, without acknowledging the potential harm/limitations of external pressures & social inequalities which makes ‘showing up’ far easier for some than others)

So, I propose replacing a the constant need to SHOW UP with gentler, self-loving responses that arise from BEING PRESENT

… where being present

sometimes powering up, full of motivation, energy and drive

sometimes acknowledging the need to slow down, retreat and not visible show up

sometimes reaching out for help + support from others

If you want to show up in the best way possible (for yourself and others) , it starts with recognising what you need in order to do that ‘showing up’ with ease and pleasure –

Whether that’s deep rest
or childish play
or sitting with your feelings
or doing thing at all for awhile.

This is my invitation to you to show up for yourself

by NOT showing up the way you’ve been told to

but by the way that best serves you fulfils your deep-down desires and feels easy like a slab of butter on a hot roll.

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