On (not) getting things done RIGHT NOW

Do you REALLY need to do that thing RIGHT NOW?

Probably not.

We have that tendency to jump straight into doing something:

I’ve gotta do it RIGHT NOW or the sky will fall down”

But realistically, in most cases, things aren’t really THAT urgent that they need to be dealt with immediately.

(Not saying we should be flippant or irresponsible or not honour our word. I’m saying that we can still get things done without falling over ourselves to do it NOW)

What usually ensues is some mild panic, possibly tripping over ourselves to get it done and, in the process, making mistakes, or doing things in a way that aren’t actually efficient.

In our haste, we might end up rushing and doing a slapdash job; or have to do it again.

Or even if we get it done properly, we’re sweating and anxious and nervy all the way through it.

So instead, before tumbling straight into your next things, I invite you to:

Take a beat.

Ask yourself: “What happens if I don’t do it right this minute?”

Ask yourself: “Can this be done later/tomorrow/when I have time to process?”

Be honest + objective. Don’t make this ‘thing’ a big dramatic production.

In most cases, you’ll probably find that things are JUST FLIPPING FINE if you leave it for awhile,

if you let yourself relax

if you let it be easy

if you let it get done at a time when you’re feeling less flustered and harried.

In fact, almost always, going slightly slower and more thoughtfully ultimately makes that ‘thing’ better.

Because you’d be going to it with a more focus and less flustering, more willingness and less obligation, more calm and less edgey.

And more focus, more willingness, more calm can only be a good thing, right?

I’m here to flip the script on that old phrase: “Don’t put off til tomorrow what can be done today”.

Instead, let’s not rush around like the ground is about to crack open if we don’t finish everything yesterday. Let’s just hit pause and maybe reconsider:

If it can be done tomorrow, let it be done tomorrow.

Breathe easy, friends.

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