Are you feeling like you’re stuck in a rut?

Like it’s one maddening groundhog day after another?

Or perhaps you’ve lost that spark and everything feels… blah?

Or, you’re on the other end of the spectrum where it’s constant busy-ness, overwhelm and exhausation?

No matter how ‘good’ things seem on the outside, you’re up at night wondering why it all just feels a little bit shit?

the M.E.S.S.Y mentorship is about muddling through that mess

and coming out the other side with

a revived spark

stronger, nourished relationships and connections

greater ease and more rest

less overwhelm

more balance and energy

effortless flow to attract more of the opportunities and abundance you want

fewer (if no) anxieties around external expectations and ideals

some pretty bad-ass boundaries that feel bloody good

stronger, steadier comfort and confidence in who you are, your values, needs and desires

and a heck ton more fun and love in everything you do

the M.E.S.S.Y framework uses five pillars to support you as you move through the mess towards your goals, desires and very best feelings

the 5 M.E.S.S.Y pillars

  • Recognise and enjoy the everyday miracles that come from embracing ‘messy’, uncomfortable experiences instead of resisting them
  • Discover clarity and opportunities in the messiest, ‘stickiest’ situations
  • Recall your magical talents, skills, gifts and powers that you already possess and unlock unique practices for amplifying them
  • Create sacred and loving rituals to protect your energy and honour your rest
  • Hit the pause button on the constant hustle and make room for relaxation and joyful self-care instead
  • Exchange anxious overthinking, worrying and incessant brain-chatter for deeper, calming peace and stillness.
  • Reignite long-forgotten passions and desires for the things you really care about so you wake up every morning excited and energised to meet the day
  • Forge soul-led, meaningful relationships that light you up, support you to be your fullest self, and nourish you with profound, loving connection.
  • Craft heart-fuelled goals so you’re always living from joy, inspiration and a wholly fulfilled place
  • Recognise the staggeringly more-than-good-enoughness of everything you are so you can stop living by others’ rules and stand in your own massive power
  • Radically mess up the conventions, traditions and ‘rules’ that no longer serve you as you start to live by your own magnificent truths and pleasures
  • Feel into and own your head-turning, room-hushing majesty so you can begin to take up more space in your world and feel f**king good about it
  • Put yourself back into the centre of your own universe – and reign!
  • Feel unshakeable confidence in the decisions you make and the actions you take by tapping into the vast wisdom and intuition you carry within you
  • Call in the love and life you desire through powerful practices of abundance, manifestation and attraction

this one-to-one mentoring programme will be specially customised to meet your unique situation, needs and desires

I’ll work with you to decide which pillar to start with, and how we will move through all 5 pillars so you receive a programme tailored just for you

What you’ll get in the mentorship

  • 12-week programme
  • Customised to your current needs and desires
  • 1-hour coaching call a week
  • Supportive ‘homework’ and/or resources for the week
  • One-to-one messaging support via Signal or Whatsapp (Mon – Fri)
  • Journal prompts + video/audio trainings
  • Beautifully messy worksheets
  • One tarot reading (optional)

your messy mentor

Hello, there! I’m Jamie and I’ve travelled one of the messiest paths I’ve known.

I’ve gone from relying on Xanax and Nytol to ‘get through’ each day to relaxing into happy, easy days while attracting incredible relationships, friendships, wealth, and constant beautiful work opportunities.

And I want to help you get there too.

I’ll support you to go from saying yes to everything to learning how to say FUCK YES only to what you truly want – and being 101% okay with that.

I’ll guide you from feeling stuck to knowing exactly how you want every day of you life to flow – and living joyfully in that flow.

I’ll cheerlead you from feeling lost, uncertain and just plain shitty, to owning your gifts and being totally unapologetic for who you are and what you do.

I’m putting everything I’ve learnt from my messy, tangled experiences – and all the disjointed, uncertain moments in between – into creating mentorship programmes to help you sort through your messiness with grace and ease too.

next steps…

If the M.E.S.S.Y mentorship feels like a great fit and you’d like to sink into more ease and fun with me, hop into a free, no-obligation, 30-minute call with me to discuss the next steps.

We’ll talk through:

  • what’s going on for you right now
  • your goals and desires
  • how I can help you to reach those goals faster and more easily with the M.E.S.S.Y mentorship

Anything I’ve missed? Any other questions?
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