Perfectly imperfect writing practices for your thesis

This workshop explores alternative practices for writing the PhD thesis that honours individuals’ best working/writing habits and their diverse life and work experiences.

We will work from the premise that there is no single ‘correct’ way to plan for, structure and write the thesis. Instead, this session encourages students to explore the most useful and effective ways of writing up and communicating their unique research topic, while still meeting the standards and requirements of doctoral research.

Some of the issues covered in the workshop include:

  • How to create and start with early writing practices
  • Planning and writing across the duration of the PhD, including developing regular supportive writing rituals (e.g. research journalling)
  • How to not write to a rigid plan or structure – and do it effectively
  • Allowing the writing and data to guide the shape and narrative of the thesis

Note: Although the writing approaches discussed in this training can be helpful for PGRs across all disciplines, some practices and perspectives may be more relevant and relatable to qualitative researchers in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • learned to recognise their best writing practices and habits
  • learned how to honour and incorporate their personal working practices and habits into a writing practice that is most productive and effective for them
  • learned some unconventional methods for approaching, preparing for and writing the thesis including:
    • Research journalling
    • Writing effectively and accurately without a structure
    • Being guided by curiosity and exploratory impulses

Workshop details

  • 1 hour and 30 minute workshop
  • Maximum attendance: 50 participants
  • This workshop can be conducted in person or online

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