PhD coaching

I am currently only offering a limited number of seats for PhD coaching, and am only taking on clients on a case-by-case basis. I invite you to please read on for details about my PhD coaching programme and SUBMIT AN APPLICATION if you would like to coach with me.

Your coach: Jamie Pei, PhD

Hello! I’m Dr Jamie Pei, PhD and life coach here to help you find so much more joy, clarity and ease in your #PhDlife.

I completed my own PhD in Women’s Studies (Social Sciences/Qualitative Social Research) from the University of York in 2021, and have been working with PhD students as a trainer/facilitator and coach since 2018. So I’m personally ‘close’ to the experience and know intimately what the PhD journey entails – both the challenges and the joys.

As a Positive Intelligence (PQ) coach, I aim to support you not just with ‘doing’ the PhD itself, but with finding the most self-caring, confident, joyful, easeful ways of conducting research and balancing your academic life with your personal commitments, interests and relationships.

I’ll work with you to figure out how to make the PhD a happy part of your life, not your whole life!

Coaching with me

I focus primarily on supporting PhD students with the surrounding elements of doing doctoral research – this includes, for instance:

– coaching on mindset, motivation and focus
– academic and personal confidence
– helping you to discover more comfortable ways of working that will be effective and productive for you
– creating more time and space for rest/play
– self-care and researcher wellbeing
– creating a better work-life balance
– looking after all the other parts of your life alongside the PhD

I take a ‘messy’ unconventional approach to all my coaching. This means that I don’t usually follow traditional, ‘structured’ training or advice that is more commonly found in the PhD world. Put it this way: I’m more interested in YOU and your personal growth, development, wellbeing, goals and success, than in how ‘perfectly’ you are fulfilling academic ideals or ticking boxes. I take a very holistic approach that considers everything that is going on in your life and that is important to you, beyond the PhD.

Please also note that I do not offer coaching on the technical, academic components of a PhD (what might be thought of as “how to do the PhD”). I strongly believe that the best and most qualified people to give you this specific guidance are your thesis advisors/committee or trainers/academics that are more familiar with your area of research. But if you’re looking for someone to coach and hold space for you on all the other elements that surround and support the PhD, I’m here for you!

An additional note on coaching:
Coaching is not the same as academic supervision and as a coach, I will not be formally or directly checking or editing your written work. Your supervisors will provide the best guidance and advice for your academic progress and thesis. My role as a coach is to support your overall PhD journey, and to help you find the best practices and methods for you to be successful in your PhD research and in other academic activities that you might do during your PhD – e.g. conferences, career development etc. 

Please also note that I am not a trained mental health professional and will recommend that you seek professional support/therapy if I believe that you would benefit more from their services than from coaching with me.