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Charlesworth Author Services

I have been contributing articles to Charlesworth’s Researcher Educatio Portal, delivering webinars and moderating online panel discussions since 2019, covering a range of topics in academic research and writing including, for example:

  • Literature reviews
  • Publishing in academic journals
  • Developing writing practices during the PhD
  • Researcher wellbeing in the PhD
  • Public speaking
  • Preparing for conferences

The Conversation

October 2018

Fat people do not need your concerns about their health

“It is harmful and counterproductive to assume that a woman is very fat because she just eats junk food all day and fails to exercise; that a very thin woman is anorexic, or that people with hair on their bodies or acne on their faces are dirty. “

whats-underneathMarch 2017

Are We What We Wear or ‘What’s Underneath’? How Clothing Reveals or Conceals an Authentic Self

“I’ve been interested in seeing how significantly clothes figure in the way women in particular relate, conceive and talk about their bodies and body image; and further, how this contributes to their understanding and creation of an ‘authentic’ self…” 

ELLE Malaysia

State of the (Female) Nation

(interviews with 8 prominent Malaysian women on various social current issues affecting women, including: women in politics, single motherhood, education, sex and marriage, online and sexual harassment, poverty and working class women, religion and tradition)

Other articles from Elle Malaysia:

Australian Masterchefs‘ (travel article about Sydney’s food and wine scene)

My Weight is Not My Health’ (opinion piece about fat shaming and weight stigma)

Keeping it Real’ (cover story about Malaysia actress Nur Fazura)

I’m Sooo Busy’ (feature about time management and productivity)

I’m Not Beautiful and That’s Okay’ (opinion piece responding to beauty standards)

It’s All in Your Head’ (feature about mindfulness and meditation)

A Golden Age‘ (feature about Andalucian artisanal jewellery brand Carrera y Carrera)

Flower Power‘ (feature about aromatherapy)

All in Good Taste‘ (feature about six upcoming Malaysian creative entrepreneurs)

Watch and Wonder‘ (feature about the two most prestigious watch fairs SIHH and Baselworld)

Cartier Canon‘ (feature about jeweller Cartier’s most iconic pieces)

Goodbye Superwoman‘ (opinion piece about challenging perfectionism and unrealistic expectations of women)

calm.com Blog

The Expansive Joy of Doing Nothing

Are Affirmations Wearing you Down?

When Saying No is the Nicest Thing You Can Do

Huffington Post UK Blog

Why the New ‘Body-Diverse’ Barbies Miss the Mark Entirely

Why Instagram’s #Goddess and #Curvy Bans Are More Troubling Than You Think.

Three Reasons Banning Skinny Models Isn’t the Answer

‘What Happened While I Was Gaining Weight’

Fat is Just a Word

elephant journal

The Before and After Photo I Never Wanted to See

“I’m heavier and ‘bigger’ now than I have been in over a decade. But for the first time in my life, I’m also enjoying my body just as it is, where it is. For the first time in my life, I’m learning to love the jiggles, the roundness, the way things blob out just that bit more than they should”

Other articles from elephant journal:

‘An Ode to my Wobbly “Imperfect” Body’

‘Do You Think This Girl is Fat?’

‘Stop the Beauty Madness: A New Campaign to Challenge “Pretty”‘

‘How to Let Ourselves be Loved’

‘Tiny Happiness: How Instagram is Archiving my Gratitude’

‘Fight for What you Don’t Want’

‘Why I’m Glad I’m Not Stunning’

Breathe into the Pain