Public engagement training

I offer three workshop options:

  1. Creating impactful public engagement content
  2. Public speaking and presentation skills
  3. Presentation clinics

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These workshops can be delivered as separate sessions, or combined into one. Please get in touch to discuss options for your university and students:

This workshop will teach PGRs clear, practical steps for creating effective, impactful public engagement content, whether it’s for oral presentations or written platforms.

The session will include some individual exercises and group discussions, which offers participants the opportunity to immediately put into practice some of the concepts that we will discuss in the workshop.

Participants will learn how to:

  • tap into the passion behind their research and convey it for maximum impact
  • learn new ways of thinking about research communication that will serve both their research and their audiences in more personable, beneficial ways
  • identify their key message to make audiences sit up, pay attention and remember what their have to say
  • learn to work with the Four Key Principles of clarity, simplicity, relevance and originality for creating excellent content
  • use 3 Quick Questions to add power, punch and passion to their content

Workshop details

  • 2-hour workshop, including breaks
  • Workshop will include slides and a workbook for participants to keep
  • This workshop can be conducted online or in person

Crafting engaging content only makes for one half of a successful presentation. Delivering and presenting that content clearly and effectively is what will make a presentation stick, leave a strong impression and truly engage an audience.

This workshop covers the physical and oral components of delivering effective and impactful presentations. I offer alternative ways of approaching public speaking and oral communication skills so that speakers can step up to the podium with more confidence and ease, and less performance anxiety.

In this session, I will share with participants:

  • new approaches to public speaking that help ease stage fright and anxiety
  • simple strategies to speak clearly and effectively so their audience want to hear more
  • how to create and use slides and/or props effectively for maximum impact
  • tips and tricks for preparing and practising so they can step up to speak with confidence and ease
  • bonus tips for presenting online to connect strongly and effectively with audiences virtually

Workshop details

  • 2-hour workshop, including breaks
  • Workshop will include slides (which can be emailed to participants after the session for their keeping)
  • This workshop can be conducted online or in person

I can be engaged to run one-off or regular presentation clinics for PGRs/ECRs of an institution, where I will offer participants feedback and suggestions for improvements for an upcoming presentation.

Participants would be welcome deliver a practice-run of an upcoming presentation or conference paper, or bring along any preparatory material that they are currently writing (for example, presentations slides and/or script).


On average, I work with 3 participants per hour, and can be engaged for one hour at a time, or longer periods as necessary.

My own public engagement & public speaking experience

I actively participated in numerous conferences and delivered public talks throughout my PhD. Notably, I competed at and won the People’s Choice Award at the Vitae 3MT competition 2018, and participated as a finalist in a Falling Walls Lab (Surrey) in the same year. (Refer to this page for full list of my conference papers/presentations).

Since 2019, I have worked with the Research Excellence Training Team at the University of York to provide training and detailed feedback to their 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) finalists for their presentations. I am proud to report that participants that I worked with went on to win at the University of York competition, and even proceed to compete in the quarter and semi-finals at the Vitae national (UK) competition.

Additionally, I have served on several 3MT judging panels for the University of York and Vitae since 2019.

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