Tarot readings

if it sometimes get a little too hard to figure things out, hand it over to Spirit…

I also offer tarot readings! It’s not something I talk about much because it’s a really personal, special practice I like to keep closer to myself and it’s not something that resonates with many people in the (academic) communities I’ve been in recently.

I trust completely in the messages that come through the cards and they have helped me (and many others) through some pretty mucky, murky times. Browse the options I offer below, or contact me for more info: jpfkhoo@gmail.com

mini one-card draw: £5

A teeny, tiny pick-me-up if you’re just wanting a simple message for the moment or a quick answer to a question.

one question: £15

Go a little deeper into one specific issue with a three card draw, which will explore what you need to know about the current situation/question, what you can do/how you can resolve an issue, and what you can look forward to.

general reading: £15

This is a great option if you don’t have a specific question, but would just like a general reading for the next 3-6 months of your life. This reading will comprise 3 cards.

full reading: £25

A full reading will include as many cards as are necessary for your question (for some people, 3-4 cards may be enough; for others, it could be up to 9-10). We’ll go really deep with your issue/question to uncover what’s going on for you, what you need to know, what you can do for yourself, and who/what (else) is affecting the situation and/or they can help you to bring better resolutions.

some details to note:

Payment via Paypal. Please email me for details: jpfkhoo@gmail.com.

All readings will be sent to you via email, as a PDF, including a photo of the card(s) drawn for your reading. I’m sorry, I don’t do live readings at this time.

Please note that I do not do readings on:
– health/medical issues
– for/about 3rd parties
– to determine specific outcomes (e.g. ‘who will win the election?’)
– anything like the lottery/gambling
– for yes/no questions (e.g. ‘will I get this job?’).

If you’re not sure what to ask, get in touch and I’ll work with you to come up with a question you’re most comfortable with and which would be most helpful for your situation.