Work-life balance in the PhD

Work-life balance in the PhD

This workshop explores and defines what work-life balance can mean within the PhD experience. We begin by considering the different types of rest, and what restful practices/activities can mean and look like for individual PhD students. 

Using the radical and innovative R.E.St method that I have developed (details below), participants will then be encouraged to reconsider the value of incorporating more rest and play alongside their work; and to find work practices that are most energising and productive for them.

We explore how and why having adequate rest and balance in the PhD improves our productivity and enhances the quality of research we generate; and renders the overall experience so much more creative, thoughtful, and pleasurable.

The R.E.St acronym and method stands for: 

R: Rest – prioritising and making space for rest in a weekly schedule

E: Energise – finding the practices and tools to support one’s optimal working flow

St: Stop – learning to identify daily working limits and boundaries; and using that awareness to shape a more effective daily and weekly working practice.

Finally, and most importantly, participants will be offered suggestions for how to counter compulsions to overwork; and, instead, to begin giving themselves permission to rest and enjoy a more balanced life throughout their doctoral study.

*This workshop pairs very well with the workshop Working Less Accomplishing More

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned:

  • about the different types of rest and what rest can mean and look like for them
  • how rest enhances their research work, output and productivity
  • the R.E.St method for incorporating more balance and flexible work practices
  • how to counter compulsions to overwork
  • how to give themselves more permission to rest and enjoy balance

Workshop details

  • One hour and 30 minute workshop
  • Maximum attendance:
    • Online: 50 participants
    • In person: 30 participants
  • This workshop can be conducted in person or online