Working less, accomplishing more: Alternative practices for getting work done

This workshop will encourage participants to set aside common ‘productivity’ guidelines, to find their own optimal working practices, and be accepting of and at ease with them.

In the workshop, participants will share and discuss their current working routines, and be supported to to embrace their best work rhythms, even (or especially) if they look very different from others’. Participants will also be taught alternative practices for setting and fulfilling goals and to-do lists, and to manage their expectations with more flexibility and self-kindness.

‘Working less’ is not about absconding responsibilities or commitments. Rather, this workshop explores methods that allow for greater versatility in everyday routines, working with flow, and managing changing moods and motivation with more ease.

This workshop comprises a mixture of whole group discussions, small group (peer-led) discussions and a substantial teaching component, and will address:

  • helpful approaches for responding to and overcoming procrastination
  • maintaining momentum throughout the PhD and responding to periods of demotivation
  • alternative methods for planning work routines and practices
  • learning to replace rigid plans and structures with more flow and creativity

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned:

  • how to find and embrace the best work rhythms and practices for themselves
  • how to respond to and work with procrastination to still gain progress and results
  • how to sustain momentum, movement and motivation throughout the PhD
  • how to create and allow a state of creative, spontaneous, inspired flow instead of forcing structured schedules and obligations
  • how to incorporate active (and ultimately productive) rest into their working life

Workshop details

  • 1 hour and 30 minute workshop
  • Maximum attendance: 50 participants
  • This workshop can be conducted in person or online
  • Participants will be provided with a workbook that can be used during the session and kept for future reference

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