Joyful Research

This workshop aims to support PGRs to identify more joyful, positive intentions and motivations for their research project and daily work.

Participants will be encouraged to tap into underlying motivations and passions for their research, and to find methods for bringing these to the forefront of their daily routines, particularly during more challenging moments in their programme.

To start, participants will share with each other in small group discussions how they came to do the research they are doing, why they love their research topic or why they believe it is valuable/important.

They will then return to discuss, as a group:

  • Different possible reasons and motivations behind doing research (for example: the wish to find solutions to a problem, personal passion, the desire to address an issue that’s personally important to them/their lives, professional and career development, love of research etc.)
  • Suggested practices to incorporate these motivations and passions into their everyday work routines. For example:
    • How to create joy and be of service to others through their research
    • How to incorporate joy into their goals, plans and to-do lists
    • How to actively build rest, play and pleasure into their schedules

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned:

  • the importance of regularly recalling their initial motivations for pursuing a PhD and actively engaging with the passions/interests that have informed their work and decisions thus far
  • how to allow and incorporate joyful practices and habits in their everyday work routines, goal-setting and tasks
  • how to actively incorporate adequate rest, play and pleasure into their research

Workshop details

  • 1 hour 30 minute workshop
  • Maximum attendance: 30 participants
  • This workshop can be conducted in person or online
  • Participants will be provided with a workbook that can be used during the session and kept for future reference

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